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Elegance Range: - Redefining Outdoor Sophistication

Welcome to Aspire Outdoor Leisure's Elegance Range, where we seamlessly marry design sophistication with structural excellence. Within this range, we proudly present two distinct offerings, each crafted to elevate your outdoor living experience – the Steel Framed Elegance and the SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) Elegance.

Steel Framed - Elegance

Step into a world of enduring elegance with our Steel Framed structures. Meticulously engineered, these bespoke creations combine timeless design with robust construction. From garden retreats to functional workspaces, the Steel Framed Elegance Range stands as an icon of sophistication and durability.

Elevate your outdoor space with structures that capture attention and endure, creating a luxurious haven tailored to your unique lifestyle.

50 Year Guarantee

Rest easy with our Steel Frame Garden Buildings, backed by a 50-year frame guarantee. Enjoy the assurance that your structure is built to withstand the rigours of time, providing lasting peace of mind for your investment and confidence in the future.

Fully Finished

Experience sophistication inside and out with our fully finished Steel Frame Buildings. Choose from a range of luxury vinyl flooring and external composite or timber cladding finishes, tailored to your taste. Personalise your space with roomline skirting, ensuring a high-quality, bespoke interior that suits your style.

All Year Round

Embrace year-round comfort with our insulated Garden Buildings. Featuring 100mm cavity wall insulation and an insulated steel roof, your space is ready for immediate use. From interior finishes to weather-resilient construction, our Garden Buildings offer a turnkey solution for every season.

SIP Building - Elegance

Innovation takes centre stage with our SIP Elegance Range, where structural integrity meets energy efficiency. These SIP structures redefine outdoor comfort through advanced design and insulation. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and sustainability, as each bespoke creation adapts to modern living. From eco-friendly garden sanctuaries to versatile outdoor offices, the SIP Elegance Range embodies a commitment to forward-thinking design.

Immerse yourself in a world where style, comfort, and environmental consciousness converge, creating outdoor spaces that epitomise elegance in every detail.


Crafted with precision, our buildings feature structural insulated panels, a robust combination of polyurethane and OSB3 boards. This ensures a durable, thermally efficient structure from floor to roof, promising strength and comfort in one. Elevate your space with this intelligent design.

Cladding Options

Define your style with our diverse cladding finishes, tailored to complement any garden space. From sleek to rustic, choose from our range of options to make your building uniquely yours, adding character to your outdoor haven.

Multi Use

Unlock limitless potential with our versatile buildings, designed for various applications. Whether a home office or a creative studio, our structures adapt to your needs. Embrace the freedom to transform your space into the perfect setting for your unique lifestyle.

Choose from a range of colours to suit your design

PVC Cladding Options

Timber Cladding Options

Choose from a Red Grandis or Abodo oiled softwood finish




Home Gym Sanctuary

Elevate Fitness in Your Premier Outdoor Gym

Effortless Home Office

Transform Work Space with Premier Outdoor Office

Games Room Extravaganza

Unleash Fun in Premier Outdoor Games Room

Home Services Hub

Streamline Home Services in Premier Outdoor Space

Cinematic Room Haven

Experience Magic in Premier Outdoor Home Cinema.

Tranquil Yoga Studio Retreat

Find Serenity in Premier Outdoor Yoga Studio

Artistic Studio Escape

Fuel Creativity in Premier Outdoor Artistic Studio

Family Lounge Bliss

Create Memories in Premier Outdoor Family Lounge

Musician's Oasis

Amplify Creativity in Premier Outdoor Musician's Space

Inspiration from some of steel frame projects

Inspiration from some of our SIP projects


Most of our buildings fall under permitted development rights, generally not requiring planning permission. Specific rules apply, so contact us or visit the planning portal for more information.

In most cases, compliance isn't needed for buildings under 30 sqm, not used for accommodation. For added toilet facilities, building regs apply only to the drainage system. Our private building inspectors can handle inspections and provide a valid final certificate.

We tailor solutions to challenging access situations, offering various construction options to meet your needs. Our technical designers can create a garden room suitable for tight access scenarios, ensuring a seamless installation.

The timeframe for building a garden room varies based on size and complexity. Using Aspire Outdoor Leisure Ltd's efficient building solutions, whether full composite, steel-framed, or SIP panels, ensures a quick and streamlined process. Generally, your garden building can be erected in a matter of days or weeks, minimizing on-site construction and reducing disruption to your property.